Grand Piano

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, we have the perfect lessons for you.

Have you always wanted to learn to play piano, or have some training and wish to advance to the next level but didn't know how, or who to contact? William's-Music has the perfect lessons for you. We offer private lessons either in 'studio' or in the privacy of your own home

Lessons are structured so one flows directly into the next in a natural progression that makes sense not only to the instructor, but to the student as well. You will never have the "why are you showing me this?" feeling that you might find in other "off-the-shelf" piano lessons. Each of our lessons are designed to implement what you learned in previous lessons. In this manner, you'll constantly reinforce and build upon your acquired knowledge and musical dexterity.

Best of all, you learn to play at your own pace. Meaning; you don't have to wait a week for your next music lesson if you're ready to move on. And you don't have to be embarrassed if you forgot something in a previous lesson. Assistance is only a phone call away!

People have different goals, ability levels and backgrounds. My job is to determine what you need to do, plot out a doable program and guide you through it. My experience allows me to fit all the pieces of the "music" puzzle together for you, which allows you to progress in a realistic manner.

In addition to learning songs, styles of music, and musical theory, the student will begin learning the fundamentals of writing, and arranginging.

Grand Piano

For the true beginner, I have compiled twenty-five songs in an "Introduction to Piano" Volume One lesson book. What makes this lesson book different than others is, the songs that are included are everyday songs that we either know, or have heard. Their arrangements are simple and allow the student to be able to perform them while progressing at the same time.. The songs are suitable for both children and adult and can be learned rather quickly for the diligent student.

For the intermediate or advanced student the focus is on execution and technique. These are things that cannot be self-taught. Think of it as being an athlete wanting to win the Olympic gold. No matter how hard you train, you just cannot expect to win just by showing up on the day of the race. It takes time, the proper training, technique and the trained eye, or in a musician's case, 'trained ears' to see (and hear) where the mistakes are and how to correct them in a manner that leads to overall improvement.

FREE Intoductory Lesson

We would like to show you just how easy learning to play the piano can be, by offering a "FREE" 30 minute, no obligation, "in-studio" lesson.

"OR" if you already play!

A "FREE" 30 minute, no obligation "in-studio" evaluation of your playing skills.

We also offer "Introduction to Keyboarding"

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