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I've been involved with music for over 40 years. At the age of eight years old, and long before the "digital-keyboard" was ever invented, my parents bought me a 'chord' organ. Shortly thereafter they saw my interest and enthusiasm and bought me new piano. They sought out a local music teacher who showed me the basics, but in a matter of a few years, I had out grown her talents and my musical growth had come to a standstill.

My next teacher was a profession musician who played the organ for the St. Louis "Blues" profession hockey team at what was then the Arena. His knowledge of music, ability to 'site-read' and arranging skills helped me tremendously. After taking lesson with him for five years it was time to go on to college.

Unfortunately, the University of Missouri at Rolla did not have a very good music program. And since a piano was not part of their marching band, my playing was limited to the music classes that they offered at that time.

After college, my musical world changed dramatically when I met a concert quality pianist by the name of Author Kurtz, who had a small private piano studio near my home. Mr. Kurtz is what probably what every musician wishes they could be. At this point it was no longer about reading or playing notes, but technique, execution and musicianship. During the nine years that I took lessons from Mr. Kurtz, and with a lot of hard work, he arranged for me to perform a "Mozart Piano Concerto in 'A' Major" on a beautiful Steinway piano, courtesy of the Steinway Music Studios on Dorsett Rd.

In addition to the classes that I took while in college, I have had an additional 17 years of private instruction, and have taught numerous students during my 15 years as an instructor.

While learning from one of the area's best pianist and teaching students myself, tragedy struck. While at work I severely injured my left wrist. The injury required extensive surgery and six months of physical therapy. The injury required another two years to fully heal but left me with only partial use (80%) of my left hand. But with time, all things will heal, and with determination I have returned to the keyboard. Even though I can no longer play as I once did, the experience and technique I learned over the years allows me to assist others in learning, and to reach whatever level of play they wish to achieve.

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