Prices and Policies

Grand Piano

PRICES: In-studio lessons are $15.00 per one-half hour ($60/month) for children, teens and adults, or $20.00 ($80.00/month)for a 45 minute session.

For months having more than four (4) weeks in them, the amount due will be increased accordingly.

In-home lesson prices are slightly higher and are adjusted accordingly for distance and travel time. Please contact me for details.

ATTENDANCE: Lessons are normally taken once per week. Some students come twice per week and given the right circumstances twice per month can work though not recommended. It is preferable to have the same lesson time each week when possible. If you arrive late your lesson will most likely be shortened as I'll often have another student or client following you. If I have time for your full lesson I will do so.

PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS: Your commitment should match your goals so whatever works for you is fine with me. The idea is to learn what you need to learn to get where you want to go: children, 30 - 45 minutes per day; adults should minimally try and practice one hour a day or more. As long as you are 'SUCEEDING' 30 minutes a day can work if this is mainly a hobby or if you just want to play for fun. The more focused your practice is the better. My professional-oriented students commonly practice from 12 to 20 hours per week. Together we'll discover what works best for you and proceed from there.

For younger students we encourage them to practice songs, scales and etc. a certain number of times per day, rather than a certain amount of time per day. That way 'the clock' is not the main focus of their practice. If they have been assigned to practice a song five times, and they have done it three times, they know that they will be finished after two more repetitions.

PAYMENT: Payment will be accepted in either cash or check. Checks are to be made payable to "William Lindewirth". Payment is due on the first lesson of each month. For months having more than four (4) weeks in them, the amount due will be increased accordingly.

A 5% discount is offered when paying three months (13 weeks) at a time. Introductory lesson material is also included in the lesson price when paid at this discounted this rate. Otherwise all materials are extra.

CANCELLATION POLICY: A lesson needs to be canceled 24 hours prior to the scheduled time in order to "NOT" be charged for it. If you cancel within this time frame the lesson can be made up on another day that week. If for some reason I need to cancel a lesson, it will either be made-up at another time in the week or credit will be issued for that lesson.

If cancellations become too frequent, no rescheduling or credit will be given. Only under extreme circumstance will refunds be given and will be considered on an individual basis.

REQUIREMENTS: Every student must have a metronome. "NO EXCEPTIONS" Metronomes are reasonably priced and can be purchased from "Guitar Center" which is conveniently located across form "Lowes" at; 11977 Saint Charles Rock Rd, Bridgeton, MO Tel.#: (314) 738-0500

FREE Intoductory Lesson

We would like to show you just how easy learning to play the piano can be, by offering a "FREE" 30 minute, no obligation, "in-studio" lesson.

"OR" if you already play!

A "FREE" 30 minute, no obligation "in-studio" evaluation of your playing skills.

A We also offer "Introduction to Keyboarding"

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